How to Remove Hyper-Link Underlines in Scrivener 3.0?

How can we remove the underline formatting on links in version 3.0?

Sorry, if this is an obvious setting adjustment. But, I have searched through both the tutorial and the manual to no avail.

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In the compile dialog:

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Opps! I forgot to mention that I’m referring to the underline formatting in the binder/doc/ edit panel view.

Thanks for trying SIlverDragon… your time and effort is much appreciated.

This should work …

Thank You Bridey : ) That was exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve gone through nearly all of the tutorial videos for 3.0 now. They really are great and I do wish they had one that ran us through all of the preference settings. They are a nest of treasures.

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Fellow scriveners:

Here’s a question (I’m new to this forum and couldn’t find the way to post a new thread):

I’d like to know how I can remove all external hyperlinks (that is, those created as a result of copy-pasting texts containing hyperlinks from the web, which would link back to webpages outside Scrivener) in a given editor note. To clarify, I’m interested in removing more than one link in an editor (without having to right-click remove every single link) and not during compilation. Nor do I want to use the “Paste and Match Style” option, which successfully gets rid of the links, that’s true, but messes up the rest of the formatting of the text (say, italicized words or phrases). Any thoughts?


To do this, you would Select All in the editor (Cmd-A) and then use Edit > Remove Link. This will remove all links from the selected text. (Note that in the current version, this command will not be available if there are any comments in the selected text - this will be fixed in the next update.)

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Thanks so much, Keith. That’s it! The solution was embarrassingly simple. In retrospect, though, it was the commented elements in my texts that did it, because almost all of them contained at least one comment, which, as you clarified, made the “Edit>Remove Link” unavailable.


How do you remove hyperlinks on an iPad?

This should be posted in the iOS forum.

I already did that - after I realised that I was in the wrong forum. A nice person gave me a polite and extremely helpful answer.

What I’m actually doing is typing a fictitious email address in my text, which I do not want to appear as a real hyperlink. If I select it and go to Edit/Remove hyperlink, the link is removed … until I type something else, then it comes back again. I think this is a glitch.

I can reproduce this using macOS 10.14.6 and Scrivener 3.1.5. The behavior was/is the same in 3.1.4, don’t know about prior versions.

After using Edit > Remove Link on a selection, when one types in the line from which the link was removed, the address becomes an active link again. Typing in any other line before typing in the affected line has no bearing on the issue.

Toggling the option off at Preferences > Corrections > Data-Detection > Automatically detect web addresses can be used as a workaround before or after using Edit > Remove Link, before typing in the affected line.

The option can be toggled as needed in process, or left off if not needed for the project/session.

[I’ll file a bug report––[url][/url]–– in the next couple of days if not addressed here, if there isn’t one already filed.]

An update on this after further testing using Preview, macOS 10.14.6 and Scriv 3.1.5:

Even after toggling the Automatically detect web addresses preference to off whenever in the process, at Compile (at least to PDF) the edited links print as active, but not colored or underlined. This is with Remove all hyperlinks not selected at Compile Options. With it selected, each link prints as active, not colored or underlined.

By “whenever in the process”, I mean whether it’s used as a workaround for the Edit > Remove Link glitch in the Editor as written in my previous post, or if it’s been toggled off as a longterm desire for a session/project.

the link is broken on your photo. can you attach new?
I’m having a problem of link underline color being black no matter the link color. I want the standard blue for links, which is working, but the underline is black?