How to Remove "L" Symbols from Ruler?

“L” symbols–I believe they’re left stops–have appeared in the ruler in some chapters of my novel. I have no idea how they got there, but I’d love to get rid of them. How do I do this?

Many thanks!

You can drag Left Tab Stops of the Ruler.

In Format > Paragraph > Tabs and Indents is the pop-up with the list, where you can remove all of them.

Change the default formatting for Paragraphs in new documents in File > Options > Editing to get rid of them forever and ever.


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Thanks very much for that!

Dragging tabs can be tricky. The easy way, with total control, is at Format → Paragraph → Tabs and Indents.

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This part isn’t clear, can you elaborate?

In the Formatting tab on the File > Options > Editing window, the default formatting for all new documents in all new projects is determined. Removing the tab stops there will remove them from future paragraphs.

To reset the formatting of current paragraphs: “To re­set all Para­graph for­mat­ting: Se­lect a para­graph and set the tabs, font and line height, Choose [File > Op­tions-> Edit­ing > For­mat­ting] and click [Use for­mat­ting in cur­rent Ed­i­tor] at the top left to make your para­graph for­mat the de­fault.
Se­lect all doc­u­ments in the Binder and use [Doc­u­ment > Con­vert > Con­vert to De­fault For­mat­ting] to ap­ply the for­mat­ting to all doc­u­ments.” - from: Mastering Scrivener by Antoni Dol.

The documentation for that panel is found in Appendix B.3.2.

There is also a quick FAQ answer on formatting defaults.

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