How to remove Scrivner header from Export as a default setting?

I’m using Scrivner v. (unable to upgrade to v. 3 ), and I’m wondering how I can remove Scrivner header from Export as a default setting


Any joy…?

JPrint, I think the problem is that there is so much in Scrivener that comes under the topic of “Export” :

Could you be more specific? Would you please describe the steps you took, the output you expected and the output you got? Screenshots can be very helpful, here.

So sorry — I meant Compile, not Export!

Ok. Compile is still a lot of territory, as it can output everything from massive paper PhD theses to slim ebook novels. If you would tell us which compile format you’re using, what changes you’ve made to it (if any), what your output format is, and what you mean by “headers” (headers at the top of pages such as you might get in PDF output? Headers as in outline or chapter titles?), that would be a great help. Screenshots of what you want versus what you got, what settings you’ve set, and so forth would help, too.

I mostly export to a .docx format. In general, I’m just trying to get rid of including Headers as a default preset; I just want the document to cleanly export without formatting. Thanks so much!

By “without headers” do you mean that you just want the body text, not the Binder titles?

If so, in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane, uncheck the Title box for whatever outline levels you are using.


Edit: Sorry, first version referred to Scriv 3. Edited to reflect Scriv 2.8.1.

Thanks! But I’m specifically talking about the header that appears with the name of the file in Complied files, in .docx format.



You want a screenshot of the header in .docx Scrivner-Compiled file?

So, under Header, I’m trying to permanently remove <$projecttitle> when Compiling documents (i.e., as a default setting).

Thanks for your help.

Just delete it, and then save those settings.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the Format As: menu, there’s an option to Manage Compile Presets. That will let you give your new settings a name for future use.


Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Sanity restored.

Well…it looks like I sadly spoke too soon…

Turns out, even after following your instruction Scrivner doesn’t remove the header from Compile default settings.

Any advice on what else I ought to do to make these settings properly stick?

Thanks again for your help…

What do you mean by “Compile default settings?”

There isn’t a “Compile default,” really. It will remember whatever settings were last used for that particular project, and present those as the starting point the next time you Compile. But those settings won’t carry over to another project, and each Compile preset is unique: changes made to one won’t carry over to the others.

More generally, what are you doing that causes you to need this? For most use cases, it’s unusual to have so many new projects going at once that the default Compile settings become an issue.


Thanks. I’m just trying to remove Compile-created headers as a universal default – for all of my projects. I just find it a pain to navigate through the Compile settings each time and remove it – or having to cut it out the headers from a Compile-created document if I forget to undo the setting and/or don’t have enough time to navigate to the setting and remove it. I simply don’t want to have Scrivner create a header for any documents that I compile – ever.

That’s what I’m seeking to do. Is there any way for users to accomplish this??


AFAIK, no. Unless you create all your compile formats from scratch and never use any of the pre-provided compile formats.

It sounds like you may not be aware of the second setting from the very top of the compile Format design interface. Select “My Formats” as the save location, and now that format will be available to all of your projects. Any edits you make the Format will impact the output of every project that uses it.

Thanks so much for your help with this! You’re right: I’m not familiar with the second setting from the very top of the compile Format design interface.

Is this available for Scrivner 2.8.1? If so, perhaps I’m not looking in the right location… Can you clarify where I should be looking?

Thanks so much again…

Ah, sorry I missed that you were using the older version of Scrivener. There is a similar capability found in the main Format As drop-down at the very bottom of it, “Manage Compile Format Presets”. Here you can toggle whether the built in presets are available, but you can also add your own global presets to the Format As menu, by clicking the + button to save your current settings. Later on the “Update” button can be used to make revisions to the preset.

So long as each project applies that preset without modification (the Format As dropdown reads the name of your preset), then they will all use the current definition of that preset. If you make a change to any one project though, its settings will become “Custom” and no longer pull from the preset. You can of course update to the preset once you’ve done so, and then it will be back in sync.

In the new version the situation is similar, though most of the settings that would be project-specific are now stored outside of the preset, so there are fewer reasons to “go custom”, though you still of course can if you need to.