How to replace straight quote marks with smart curly quotes?

I have an Android tablet, and did a bunch of writing while traveling over the weekend. On returning to my Windows PC with Scrivener, I copied text and pasted in with the “paste and match style” option.

But all the quotation marks and apostrophes from the Android tablet text are straight, and I’d like them to be curly to match the rest of my manuscript.

I tried find-replace for the project, but I just end up with the same straight quotes I started with.

I can manually go through and replace them all, and get curly quotes. But I assume (I hope!) there’s a simpler method.

Can anyone advise?


  • Ken

That’s an easy one! :slight_smile:

Format/Convert/Quotes to Smart Quotes.

Or you can just hit Ctrl-` (backtick), to convert the current selection.

Amber – thanks very much for the advice. It worked like a charm! (yes, I’ve been told many times that I often miss the “obvious”)

Thanks, Amber. I was having the same issue. The Ctrl-(backtick) shortcut didn’t work for me, but “Format>Convert>Quotes to Smart Quotes” is great.

However, is there any way to convert the quotes/apostrophes to Smart in ALL text sections throughout an entire Project? As far as I can tell, the “Format>Convert>Quotes to Smart Quotes” approach only works for the currently selected section.

I notice that you are posting your query in the Windows section of the forum, but your account is set up to display you as a Mac user. Are you using the Mac version of the product? If so the shortcut won’t work as that is a Windows shortcut. Cmd-Tick switches windows, actually, and Ctrl-tick doesn’t do anything. There is no built-in shortcut on the Mac, but you can easily set those up yourself for commonly used tools using the Mac system keyboard preference pane.

As to your second question, these tools actually work on the current editor, which is a slightly different distinction with significant ramifications, since a single editor window can actually be displaying text for hundreds of sections at once, via the Scrivenings view mode. :slight_smile:

Just a note to any Windows users who come across this in the future, at the time of this writing the Scrivenings trick does not work yet. Because the technology is different between the two, the individual sections in a Scrivenings session on Windows have a much harder “line” between them. So universal text editing commands cannot yet bridge the gap. It is advised to make large scale fixes to your texts prior to splitting them up.

Thank you so much, AmberV! The “Scrivenings” view is exactly what I was looking for.

You’re correct that I’m on the Mac version. Sorry for mis-posting–this is the post thread that seemed most relevant when I searched the forums for anything and everything about “smart quotes.”

If anyone is curious, I use to customized Mac keyboard shortcuts, and I just set “option-Q” as a shortcut to perform the “Quotes to Smart Quotes” action in Scrivener. Works great.