How to restart footnote numbers for each chapter?

I’m working in a very long project and I wish I could restart footnotes count at every folder/chapter. Is it possible?

Depends on the compile format and settings. See below:

[attachment=0]Footnote Numbering.jpg[/attachment]

I am also interested in having my footnotes restart counting at the beginning of each folder/chapter. My Footnotes & Comments pane, however, does not present the option “Footnote numbering restarts after page breaks (on each page)” as shown in the image below:
[attachment=0]Footnotes & Comments pane.png[/attachment]
Are the Footnote & Endnote Options listed in section 24.19.1 of the Scrivener Manual unavailable for my particular configuration? Is there a way I can make the “Footnote numbering restarts after page breaks (on each page)” option available?

In your case, scrive, Scrivener isn’t actually numbering the footnotes. The post-processing LaTeX engine is. So that’s where you would need to look for the relevant settings.