How to restore unsaved, untitled Scapple map?

I just created a new Scaple project, but not yet save so its still “Untitled”, but before I can save it , it hanged and crushed, can anyone tell me how could I restore that untitled project ?

If the file was autosaved before the crash, it should be restored automatically when you next launch Scapple, but you can also dig into your temp folder to find it. In File Explorer, go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Temp\ and look for a Scapple file there with a modified date from around the time of your crash. The file name will be in the form ScappleTmp-F376E8A8-7054-42A3-B8A3-AB789FC18613.scap. You can copy that to another location and rename it, just keeping the .scap extension.