How to reverse the color of highlighted text in Dark Mode

Is there a way to reverse the color of text that is highlighted while in Dark Mode? If I want a light highlight color, I can’t see the text because it’s light from the Dark Mode. I can’t find anywhere to change this.

I don’t think so, unfortunately. Since I started using the dark modes exclusively a few months ago, I’ve stopped using highlighting for emphasis and side notes, and instead change the text color. It seems more difficult to make highlighting work across the various dark modes.

I guess you could try darker highlight colors? I’m curious to hear how others handle this.


I’m trying darker colors and am somewhat happy with a medium blue or red, where it’s lighter than the background, but darker than the text. It’s fine that there’s no option to fix what I brought up originally, by the way, as I can do a workaround, but I figured with how many things can be personalized, that this might be an option, as well.