How to Rotate an Image

I dragged and dropped two .TIF images ino the Research folder.

These images had previously been rotated 180 degrees and now open right side up in Preview. However, after dragging into Scrivener, they open upside down, as they were originally. How can this be changed?

Just double-dlick on them to access the image tool panel, which allows you to rotate them.
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Thanks for reply. I double-clicked and saw a “Resize Image” dialog box, with Horizontal and Vertical sliders.
There were no rotation opportunities.
What next?

Ah - you said that you dropped two images into the Research folder, so naturally I assumed you meant that you dropped the images into the Research folder; if you’re only seeing scale sliders, then you have dropped the images into text files, which you didn’t mention. Is that what you wanted to do, though? You can drag image files directly into the binder itself, to import them as images documents. Then when double-click them, you can rotate them, zoom them to fit etc. If you drop the images inside text, though, you can only scale them. So, either delete them and re-import them as images into the Research folder, or if you do want the images inside the text then delete them from the text, double-check that they are rotated correctly in Preview and saved as such, then drag them back in again.

Problem is solved. Dragging images directly to binder icon allows rotating, as you describe.

However, even when images are correctly rotated in Preview, and they are dragged into a text file in Research binder, they get rotated 180 degrees.

Thank you for help.

I would guess that that is because the EXIF data for the images contains rotation information. Some programs can read this and act on it, and others can’t. If you do a search for EXIF on MacUpdate you will find various tools for working with EXIF data.