How to Save Entire Project as Snapshot Version


I am new to Scrivener and have a (probably) easy question about saving versions.

I know I can go to Inspector and, by selecting the camera icon, save a version of whatever sections I have selected on the far left. But I notice that, regardless of how many sections I select for archiving, the title of the snapshot (over on the far right) keeps the name of the first section I selected. I can’t change it, e.g. by double-clicking on it. And it saves the version within that section, which I don’t necessarily want, either. In fact, I almost certainly don’t want that, since the whole point is to save the entire book at that stage in its development—not just the one section. I want it saved in a more global area, such as “Manuscript.”

Furthermore, simply selecting “Manuscript” (with that idea in mind) before clicking on the camera icon doesn’t help. It still keeps (on the far right, within Inspector) the name of the last section I chose.

Am I missing the point of the “version saver” or some easy solution? Or is this an identified problem with Scrivener where I simply need to wait for an update or patch?

I’m running Scrivener 3 on a Macbook Pro with macOS Monterey 12.5 installed, but I also use a different license for my Windows (11) desktop. So I welcome solutions for either platform, assuming some distinction.


Hey there, NYTom64. Welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

What you are trying to achieve using snapshots is actually what the Backup now function is intended for.

As for snapshots, you have three options:

– Take a snapshot of the document currently active in the editor. (Plus sign in the snapshots panel. Or same shortcut/command as below, but with only a single document selected.)

– Take a snapshot of all documents selected in the binder. (Shortcut or menu command. - There are two possible shortcuts/commands, one of which lets you bulk name that set of snapshots.)

– Take a snapshot of all documents that were modified since your last manual save.
. . . . . . . . .

I am using the Windows version, so I don’t know what the shortcut would be for you for the second possibility.
→ Search for “snapshot” in Options/Keyboard. Or look in the menu Document/Snapshots.

As for auto-snapshot on manual save (third possibility), that is in this case a setting in Options/General/Saving.

If you want a snapshot of everything like you said, select all in your binder, and go with the second option I listed above. (But that is far from optimal. Because you’ll take useless snapshots of unmodified documents. Much better to then use the “snapshot on manual saves” function from the options. As it takes only snapshots of modified documents. So no useless snapshots of documents that still look exactly like the previous snapshot.)
→ Having Scrivener set to auto-save every X seconds (Options panel), no need to manually save, and therefor you’d only do when you intentionally want a snapshot of modified documents to be taken.
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And double clicking the title of a snapshot should actually allow you to rename it.


Every zip backup is a “snapshot” of the project at the time it’s made. You can rename the snapshot to make it clear why you’re saving a version, and you can always retrieve the project as of that point in time from it.


It was nice of you to respond so quickly. I’ll experiment with all this a bit more before I bother people again! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the extra time to explain.