How to scale image for epub

When I scale an image, it looks fine in Scrivener. But once I export to epub, the image is again small. How do I retain the scaling?

Does this post by Ioa help at all? Same issue?

No. I don’t have any paragraph indentations and I’m not using iBooks.

My epub images are about 1/2 the size of what I see in Scrivener.

I exported to PDF and the images look fine. I then opened the epub in the Kindle App instead of the Kindle Previewer. It looks fine there. This seems to be an issue specific to the Kindle Previewer app.

Are you creating an ePub file and then converting it to .mobi?


Am confused. You say you are exporting to ePub, but opening in Kindle…

How do you open an ePub in Kindle?

Why not just export to Kindle format?

ePub for iBooks.
Mobi for Kindle.

Because epub works for lots of formats, not just Kindle. Besides, Kindle accepts epub.

There’s no advantage to exporting to mobi.

Ah. Didn’t know that Kindles now read ePub files. Wikipedia says… … ok_formats

Kindles cannot read ePub files. If you put one directly onto a Kindle with a USB cable, you’ll never see it show up in the library view. I’m not even sure how you were opening them with the Kindle for Mac software, but when you open them with Kindle Previewer, it doesn’t actually show you the ePub file, it converts it to a Mobi/KF8 file first (you should see a folder with the .mobi, near the ePub you tried to load). It should be telling you this when you open the book, along with where the converted Mobi file has been saved to.

To be clear there should not be anything wrong with what you are doing, it’s fine to convert an ePub to a Mobi, and that won’t change anything about your images, but there isn’t really much of an advantage in doing so, especially if you don’t need the ePub for anything else.

As for the display of images, this sounds like a known bug in Scrivener where it declares the pixel size of the image using points instead of pixels. Thus if the image is higher than 72 DPI (where pixels and points have a 1:1 ratio), the output will appear too small. You can see this yourself if you double-click on a high-res image in Scrivener, it will display points, and then below that the pixel size and DPI. If the DPI is higher than 72, those two sets of numbers will be different. So the problem is that Scrivener is printing the points value instead of the pixels value. This really only makes a difference on Fire HD+ models, so maybe that is what your Kindle Previewer is set to simulate by default. I get better results on the Paperwhite and DX.

To fix this, double-click on the image in Scrivener and set the points value to match the pixel value. Compile again and see if it looks better. It won’t match Scrivener, but that’s fine.

The other alternative is to just use 72 DPI images, but Amazon is recommending higher resolution graphics now, since a number of their devices can display high quality images.