How to search for documents which have snapshots?


I would like to create a saved search/collection of any document which has a snapshot. Is that possible? If so how? If not, I would like to submit a feature request.

Thanks for the support.

I cannot think of any way of doing that from within Scrivener, other than mucking about in the project folder itself.[size=80][1][/size] Is there perhaps something else you are doing in addition to the snapshot that you could track off of? For example, whenever I edit something I change its Status as well. For myself, knowing what has been revised in the last sweep is more important than what has had snapshots created for it.

[size=80]1. This isn’t too difficult if you are inclined to do so. The Snapshots folder in the project bundle has a sub-folder for each document with a snapshot. These are named using internal ID numbers, however. To resolve those the search.indexes file, in the Files sub-folder of the project is the easiest cross-reference.