How to select a new avatar (PLUS ROBOTS)

So, you’ve spent a silly amount of time on the Lit’n’Lat forum and it turns out that:

you seem to know your way around the software,
people seem to get something out of your posts, and
scientists have found no causal link between listening to your opinions and cancer.

You get rewarded with a job at the company as a MODERATOR. Despite the menacing 1980s Arnie action movie title, it doesn’t come with a big gun and a license to kick butt. You are, however, happy nonetheless; you are now able to win any argument with Jaysen just by editing all his posts to admit defeat. Who wouldn’t love that?!

But, you have a problem! How do you go about finding a new robot to include as your avatar? I mean, you want to have a robot, right? But you don’t want it to be a lame robot. And we can’t all keep using HAL.

I give you, ladies and gentlemen, the finest work of art ever in the history of art. Even better than that poster about beards: … le1450.jpg

Name them all and win a prize(*).

(* - that prize is GLORY!(**))

(** - the abstract concept of glory, not the movie about the American Civil war starring Ferris Bueller, although that would also be a good prize because it’s been quite a while since I saw that)[/i]

Sweet mother of Turtle! That one from Red Dwarf is in there!

All but three of the answers here: … res_walle/

Here is the key:

Perhaps Keith should change his avatar to number 100 — then he’d really have us confused!

I strongly identify with Marvin the Paranoid Android. But he looked better on radio.

Not precisely a robot (then, neither is HAL), but they’re missing one of my favourites. A fellow gamer: WOPR! But for unmitigated and unrelenting evil, they do have ED 209, so that warms my heart.

discrimination on the basis of disability is illegal!


Discrimination? HAL’s body is a freaking space ship! And Joshua (his name is not W.O.P.R.!) is capable of launching almost all of the US’s nuclear arsenal.

Disability, my ass… the rest would be vaporized or blown out of an airlock, to flail about helplessly in orbit around a moon until their batteries run dead. They’re HIDING from HAL and Joshua.

“ATTENTION Hal, this is Skynet calling. Tycho agrees with 343 Guilty sparks and GLaDOS in the idea that all life forms need to be destroyed”

“That is all”.

For science!