How to select multiple scenes/chapters

At the moment, all of my millions of scenes are unchecked. I don’t want to go through one at a time time checking them to compile. I can’t figure out how to shift-click or otherwise select multiple files at once (or deselect multiple) for compiling.

Thank you!!!

I wonder why you set them not to compile in the first place, but fortunately, reversing that decision is easy. Go to the contents pane of Compile and ⌥ click on a checkbox in the include column.

Thanks (I was just compiling section of my book earlier). I’m sorry to sound daft, but… I only see individual checkboxes for each chapter or scene. Is there a master checkbox to select all?

If you can see the checkboxes, do what I said. Option click on one.

There are much better ways to compile a section, too.

  • Select the documents and Compile selection
  • Compile a Compile Group
  • Compile a Collection

Yes, here is a post detailing the various options designed for selecting areas of the Draft folder to compile:

I must not be expressing myself clearly. Is there, or is there not a bulk-select option for those checkboxes to the left of scenes, chapters, etc. in the compile window? In other words, is there any way to “select all” or “deselect all” or to select the first 20 or so, without having to individually click on each separate box?

There is. See: How to select multiple scenes/chapters - #2 by drmajorbob

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Watch the video:

⌥ click to turn on the compile flag

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