How to set "automatic reset word count" like in the Windows version?

I can’t seem to find any option in the iOS version to reset the word count based on time of day, or beginning of a new session, like in the Windows version? Is the iOS version’s word count feature simply much more limited? So every time I start a new day of writing I have to manually go and reset the word count?

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Yes, it’s that limited. If you started your writing for the day on Windows, and your session count was reset, iOS Scrivener will pick that up, but if you start writing on iOS Scrivener you’ll need to manually reset.

I see. Thank you. I can’t help but wonder how difficult it could be to implement the feature, Maybe it’s one of those things that seem easy but can actually be quite complicated?

No idea. :confused: I’m not L&L staff, so not in the loop, and it’s not a question I remember seeing on the boards before.

You could always post it in the Wish List…

Is it just me, or does the session target not reset at the end of the day on the iOS app?

On my MacOS, I add the date and the word count goal for the project and at the end of the day, it resets and recalculates my daily target, but on iOS it doesn’t do this.

I’m hoping it’s just a me thing and it’s easily fixed because I use that feature to stay on track with deadlines. I’m hoping to switch from an MacBook with external monitors to an iMac/iPad combo so that I have a better set up for graphics, but if this isn’t the case I’ll be upgrading the MacBook.

If this isn’t a me problem, is there anyway we can get this added to the wishlist for iOS?

As noted above in the merged thread, it has always been this way. It was a deliberate design decision to leave all of the extensive reset options out of the iOS version, as its design intent was more to be a compliment to the main version. It does follow along with the resets the main version imposes, so as long as one doesn’t go day after day without syncing, it should work fine.

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Well, that’s disappointing. My love of Scrivener is well-known in my author circle, and this is the first time I’ve been disappointed in the software. There are days on end when I’ve written on my iPad primarily. there are days on end when I’m not at my desk to open and sync on my macOS just so the target updates and word count resets. Additionally, I know several authors who write primarily from their phones. This feature is a key selling point for Scrivener IMHO.

As for me, It was my intention to replace my MacBook with an iMac and only use my iPad for writing so that I was not pinned to one location l when I upgrade. Luckily I’ve not purchased the iMac yet only the keyboard for my iPad. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for computer setups and a trip to the wishlist to add a better word counter to the list.

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Sorry about that! It is mostly a case of there needing to be hundreds upon hundreds of things stripped out in order to make something that would not be a monstrosity on iOS. So the overriding design approach was to not have anything at all, and work up from there with only a small select number of features, and of those, trying to be economical in how they function. With this one feature in particular, we can get away without a bunch of complexity by letting the desktop be the main engine, but without stripping out the notion of session tracking entirely.

The result is suitable for what it was intended for, as put before, a simple way to bring a project or two around with you, while you’re out.

Bear in mind, any one of those hundreds of missing things might be, for someone else, the “key selling point”, as you put. For perspective, I have only ever used the session target thing a few scattered times over the years, for projects that were just for fun, like NaNo and Novel in a Day. From my own key selling points, if you will, if we had to start adding desktop features, there are lots and lots of things I would personally want before automatic session resets. Not having collections at all? No keywords? No document bookmarks? No multi-column outliner? No proper split views? No linked images, and the only images you can use are forced to 72 DPI? No quick open? No wiki link detection? No Markdown? No section types or a compiler capable of doing anything with them? It’s pretty much only Scrivener in name, without those things (for me). Others might not even know what some of those features are though.