How to set "automatic reset word count" like in the Windows version?

I can’t seem to find any option in the iOS version to reset the word count based on time of day, or beginning of a new session, like in the Windows version? Is the iOS version’s word count feature simply much more limited? So every time I start a new day of writing I have to manually go and reset the word count?

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Yes, it’s that limited. If you started your writing for the day on Windows, and your session count was reset, iOS Scrivener will pick that up, but if you start writing on iOS Scrivener you’ll need to manually reset.

I see. Thank you. I can’t help but wonder how difficult it could be to implement the feature, Maybe it’s one of those things that seem easy but can actually be quite complicated?

No idea. :confused: I’m not L&L staff, so not in the loop, and it’s not a question I remember seeing on the boards before.

You could always post it in the Wish List…