How to Set Chapter Titles in Compiler

Sorry, but I continue to have difficulty even with some of the simpler points of the compiler. I’d like to have the title of each chapter printed on 2 lines. I’m able to print the first line, which is little more than a sequence of Chapter One, Chapter Two and so forth. But I’d like to print the Chapter Title from the binder below that. When I check the block for the compiler to print Chapter title, it prints it on the same line as the numeric Chapter number. Instead, I’d like the title of chapter one to read Chapter One on the first line, followed by that chapter’s binder title Getting Underway on the second line. How to do? Thanks.

Just put a carriage return or line feed after the “Chapter <$t>” text in the Title Options tab, below where you ticked the Title checkbox. That will push what follows, the title in this case, to the next line.

Alternatively, have you had a look at the various Layouts the stock formats provide to you? Click the assignment button below the preview column in the middle of the main compile overview window and have a look through your options there. Some do exactly what you want out of the box, no need to figure out how anything works—unless of course you want to design your own look from scratch.

Voila! Your solution, which is so simple and obvious in retrospect, never occurred to me. Duh. Thanks.