How to set default text formatting for whole project

I have completed the intro exercise, and read and reread what I am told are the appropriate sections of the manual, I have read others’ similar questions on this forum, and whatever I tried has failed.

How do I set the default formatting for my project so that every document opened defaults to Times New Roman 12, Line spacing at 1.25 or 1.5, and paragraphs indented?

Go into Scrivener on any project and then find Tools / Options (F12) / Editor. Now look at the graphical panel on the right of the box. You use this to set up your default formatting. Use the A ( top left of box) show fonts to select default font. Select sliding tabs to choose indents ect. This will set a default setting for all New projects ect.

Hi DownUnderDabbler,

After you’ve followed Argoed’s instructions for setting your default font for new documents, you may want to change the font of existing documents in a project to the default. Here’s how:

  1. In the Binder, Select the Draft folder

  2. Change the view to Outliner. View > Outliner

  3. In the Outliner view, click on any folder or document. (Don’t open it.)

  4. Expand the Outliner view. View > Outline > Expand all

  5. Select everything in the Outliner view. Edit > Select All (or Ctrl+A). All the folders and documents in the outliner view should be selected.

  6. Convert all the documents to use the new default font. Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style

All documents in Draft folder of that project will be changed to the default font.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you Argoed and JimRac. All is now working as desired.

I gave up trying options and was just browsing the menu options and saw one in Tools marked Scriptwriting which had its icon highlighted. I turned that off and voila! … there were the desired font and paragraph settings.

I have two more tasks I need to master before too long, the compiler and referencing.
Uni starts this week and I would like to practice referencing as soon as possible. I have used Zotero before and the Uni has a license for Endnote.

The manual refers to Endnote by name so is it safe to assume that Endnote and Scrivener work well together?

With much gratitude,