Mass Font Changing

Is there a way to change fonts in one fell swoop? I have just upgraded to Scrivener 3 because they have FINALLY released it for Windows, and Times New Roman has some weird spaces between characters for no reason, so I wanted to change all of em to Tahoma. Sadly, I have to go change em manually, so I was wondering if there was a command or something to change them all in one go. Also, is there a font that looks like Franklin Gothic Book or Times New Roman?

The easiest way to change bulk formatting is with the technique described in this knowledge base article.

Before doing so, if the main reason for switching things up is to fix the kerning issues, you might want to try playing with the “Display Font Hinting” setting, in the Editing: Options tab (File ▸ Options…). Different settings have been known to improve typography for some systems and fonts.

It only works in one document. Is there a way to select the entire manuscript and all my notes (in a separate folder to the manuscript)? Thanks either way.

Hi iang_106,

Convert > Text to Default Formatting will work for all selected documents, you’ve probably just missed a step.

See this thread for step by step instructions: [url]How to set default text formatting for whole project] It was written for v1.9, but should still hold true.

Do it first for your main manuscript in the Draft folder, then once you’ve got the steps figured out, do it for any other folders you like,

I recommend you make a zipped backup of your project prior to any big change like this. Undo will not undo it. :slight_smile:


Turns out it works and I’m just a plank. Thanks =)