How to set note window width

Pls tell me how I set the width of note windows.

My problem is when I split the screen vertically, the right side window is one size, and the note window on the left is another size and not wide enough to cover the available screen and I can’t drag it in any way to enlarge it.

Would it be possible to post a screenshot of what you are looking at? I am not entirely clear on what you mean by the “note window”. The vertical splits inside Scrivener’s project window can all be dragged under normal circumstances, so long as it is valid to drag them in the direction you are trying. For example, there is a minimum width to the Binder sidebar, so if it is already at that width, you would be unable to drag the split any further to the left—you should be able to drag it to the right to make the Binder wider, however.

Hi Amber, I can certainly take a screenshot…the problem is how to post it here. I’ve tried a couple ways but no luck.

Here’s where I am at: the problem I describe resides in one of my current projects. I decided to initiate a new project to see if the condition would be in the existing template. Good news: it wasn’t. I was able to size note windows, as small or large as I wanted. And when I did a window split, again, I was able to size each pane to the limits.

So, I suspect, in learning the program, I modified some setting in the project in which I have the window size limit. I guess I will just let it go since the project with the problem was not far along.

Thanks for your help. If, however, you would let me know how I post images on this board, I’d be most grateful.

Thanks, Terrance

Sure, for future reference, the easiest way to share a screenshot is to use the “Attach” tab, below the writing area when posting a response. It’s a bit below the “submit” buttons. You can also use image tags to point to an image anywhere on the ’net, so if you have a place to store images you can also just refer to them from here by their URL.

Glad to hear whatever it was seems to be a temporary problem. But something you could try with the other project that is “stuck” is to clear its interface settings, resetting the splits and everything else in the window, even what you had selected (so the editor will be blank when you reload, not to worry, just expand the binder levels and click on things to get back to normal). It’s a good “safe mode” if things get weird. To use it, hold down the Option/Alt key on your keyboard while looking at the File menu, and choose “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings”. When you open it again, everything will be reset to default and you should be able to drag out the window size, resize it, split, etc.

Even if the interface file wasn’t technically stuck, that would reset whatever modifications you made.

Many thanks, Amber. If I run into this problem again, I will certainly do your reset.

And I just attached an image as a test, following your suggestion. Works beautifully.