How to set paragraph highlight box

Under Format > Style > New Style from Selection, the dialog box show a checkbox to have a highlight box around the highlight. Is there any place under a menu or toolbar to turn the box off or on? I would like to be able to edit styles after they are created, but for the time being, where can I achieve this?

Select some text with the style you want to change, then Format > Style > Redefine Style from Selection and choose the relevant style.

This will bring up the style box again and you can untick the ‘box’ option (and make any other changes you want). When you press OK, all the text with that style in your project will apply the changes automatically (ie you’ll lose the box everywhere for that style).


If you just mean that you’d like to temporarily hide the highlight boxes around the styled text, you can use View > Text Editing > Hide Markup for this. Under Scrivener > Preferences > Appearance > Textual Marks, you can specify which markup is to be hidden; the style highlight boxes are included by default.

Thanks for the help