How To Set Paragraph Indentation Index WITH the Use of the Tab Keyboard Button ?

I know how to get the indentation amount that is automatic for each and every new paragraph but the problem with this is that I have to constantly manually set the indentation index back 0 in order to start a new paragraph of a new scene WITHOUT an indentation, and then subsequently reset it again to continue.

So, how can I have the default indentation as 0 while being able to set a specific index when I use the Tab keyboard key?

For example, I want every new paragraph to have an indentation index of 0 (easy to do), BUT I want hitting the Tab key to produce 0.50 (I do not know how to do this).

Currently, the Tab button produces 1.00 (I believe).

Hopefully this is clear.

Perfectly clear. Go to Tools > Options > Editor, where the standard formatting for new documents can be set. I presume this is where you set the default indentation to 0. On that same line where the indentation/margin markers are, the L-shaped markers are used to set tabs. Just drag them until the left-most one is at the 1-inch mark. (You can drag them off the ruler line entirely to delete them.)

Hi David, thank you for your help but I do not have any L-shaped markers. See photo…

Btw, I actually change my indentation in Format>Text>Spacing.

It’s worth noting that inserting Tab characters into the file, to produce the visual effect of an indented paragraph, is not good practice and will even mess up formatting in some cases. It’s better to use the actual first-line indent setting as shown in your screenshot. Drag the downward facing triangle to 0.5" if that is how much of an indent you want.

As for paragraphs that shouldn’t be indented, a good way of handling that right now is to save a formatting preset (in the Format menu) with a 0 indent paragraph. You can then apply that as needed.