How to Set Tabs

I’m new to Scrivener and would like to know how I can set my editor page so I can “tab” at the beginning of each paragraph. I have gone into
Format to Text to Spacing section and they have a place where you can set the first line of paragraphs. However, when I do this–I am not able to do a heading which I like to use at the top of my document toward the left. It locks in all “first” line.

When I search for info on this I get various advice on the web and even here where they talk about a preferences tab–but I think that is for an earlier or perhaps the Mac program. \

Thank you.


You can set the defaults for your editor under tools/options/editor. You want to use the ruler there to set an indent for each first line and whatever other default formatting for your body text. Then, back in the editor, you can turn on the ruler under format/show ruler and use that to set the indent for headers or whatever else you need to do.

When you compile, under formatting uncheck “Override text and notes formatting” and it will use whatever formatting you’ve set in the editor. I find this is far easier than trying to do the text formatting with compile.

Tabs are Satan, particularly when you get into converting things or electronic versions. It’s really really best to use the paragraph formatting rather than tabs.

Hi Klambert,

When I go into tools, option, editor, I do not see the section for formatting tabs.

Regarding indenting first line, one issue I have is that this is not what I always want when I go to the next line (an indented capitalized word). This is why I thought to use tabs.

Your suggestion to override format in compile sounds like a gem if I could get it to work. I will experiment with that.

Thank you, Klambert. :smiley:


Hello there,
Tools,Options, Editor brings up a section containing a graphical representation of your ruler in a box. Simply drag the tabs there. There is not a section devoted to them. Good luck.

Ah! Thanks, Shass. :slight_smile: