How to set words target for a Folder?

I’m working in the Windows version, but trying to figure out the same thing…
I can go to Project->Project Targets and set the Total Word Target for the Entire Document, but how do I do it for individual Folders (in the Outline).

For instance, if I have a 3 Act Structure and want a Total Target (word count) for each Act (and all subfolders), how/where can I set the target so I can see it in the Outline?

In Outline View, I can change the “Title and Synopsis”, “Label”, “Status”, “Section Type”, but when I try to change “Total Target”, it doesn’t allow me to change it from “0”.

Thank you.

Split topic and moved to Windows support forum. – Katherine

Hello Maierwerx,

Go to outline view and add the target (see screenshot) by clicking little arrow to bring up menu.

Then I added Total word count as it tidies up and stops the targe figure appearing right at the end. Double left click on the flashing 0 or use the up and down arrows to set a figure.

You probably tried clicking on the 0 that appeared in total word count. Which would stay at 0 if you had nothing in that document. It just gives the total .