How to set words target for a Folder??

I’m working in the Windows version, but trying to figure out the same thing…
I can go to Project->Project Targets and set the Total Word Target for the Entire Document, but how do I do it for individual Folders (in the Outline).

For instance, if I have a 3 Act Structure and want a Total Target (word count) for each Act (and all subfolders), how/where can I set the target so I can see it in the Outline?

In Outline View, I can change the “Title and Synopsis”, “Label”, “Status”, “Section Type”, but when I try to change “Total Target”, it doesn’t allow me to change it from “0”.

Thank you.

Total Target is a sum of that folder/document and all sub-document targets, and so Scrivener can’t decide how to assign portions of that target to the folder and/or its sub-documents. You need to edit the folder’s own target, or set targets each sub-document and for the folder itself (if you are expecting to write “on” the folder instead of just on documents in the folder) so that they sum up to your desired total.

In the outline, that means adding the “target” column, which you can edit on each folder and/or document. I suggest you try it with the interactive tutorial project, which has lots of nested documents and folders, just to get the hang of what gets summed up with what. After editing that value, you can hide the “target” column to avoid confusion.