How to Setup Synch - Some Missing information

From the Projects screen, tap Edit (upper right), then the gearbox (lower right).

Note, I got this information on this forum from a couple of others (JimRac, Kathreen) but this critical piece of information was buried in topics on crashes and bugs and I thought it deserved it’s own mention.

AFTER CLICKING ON THE GEARBOX (a decision to be made_
Scrivener will ask “Delete or keep files?” This worried me. An explanation of the difference here would be useful.

JimRac said he chose to Delete, which caused all my projects to resync.
JimRac also speculated “Keep” will probably work… but he’s not sure.

Next tap the gearbox and choose Link DropBox. DropBox will launch and tell you that Scrivener wants access. Tap Allow. Choose your DropBox folder and you’re done. (If you chose Delete in prior step, then all your projects will resync.)

The Last Hassle: Although I had synched my desktop Scrivener to an ‘external folder’ (my dropbox I just set up for new project), nothing happen. – All the FILES were in the external folder/Dropbox but the PROJECT.SCRIV file was not…I had to find that and manually drag it into the new dropbox folder I set up.

Personal Note: I haven’t got through the whole 847-page manual yet so maybe this is there. I read the tutorial for the new IOS version 3 but how to actually assign the dropbox was not mentioned, so my efforts initially did not work just by clicking on the Sync icon – nor was it possible to assign the proper folder/Dropbox in IOS System’s Preferences for Scrivener…which I sort of expected could be done.

Anyhow, I got my most important project synched. Amen…I wish the instructions were not so verbose and repetitive and critical details (like this) left out. – Here the best writing program made by man and these guys couldn’t cross the street without walking in circles and forgetting they were suppose to get to the other side.

Sorry. Delete Me if you want to cover up these facts; you can just consider if Feedback. The feedback includes how it makes me sick – literally – seeking to find user information in the manuals and tutorials and that’s not worth it.

The definitive guide to setting up iOS synchronization can be found here: … g-with-ios

A troubleshooting guide can be found here: … os-syncing

None of this is unique to Scrivener 3, or even Scrivener for Mac. The setup for iOS Scrivener synchronization has not changed since iOS Scrivener was released,


First, you posted this in Feedback (Mac) but it’s basically all about the iOS version, which might confuse some users.

Secondly, did you by any chance use Sync With external folder on the Mac? It seems like that, and that’s where you made your mistake. On Mac Scrivener you don’t have to do anything special. Just save your project in a folder under your Dropbox folder. That’s it!

Then on your iDevice simply link to that folder using the steps you described. (… but I don’t remember getting a question if I want to delete something? Was that because you tried to link to a folder set up for Sync With external folder?)

You can hardly blame L&L if you decide to not follow simple instructions. Using ’Sync with externa, folder’ on the Mac isn’t mentioned anywhere in the tutorial in iOS Scrivener, is it? So why did you assume that you should do that?