How to share content between projects?

Hi guys!

I’m new to Scrivener and there is something which concerns me a bit. So, I have a project where my binder is already organized the way I want and everything, but I need to know how I’m gonna share some content with other projects. This content is like my world bible, and I don’t want to manually copy and past every time I’m making a short story in another project. Any idea?

Thanks in advance

You can’t view the contents of one project from within another project window. You might be able to generate links that will open the other project and then display a particular document (not sure if that’s a version 1 feature or not), but I doubt that’s what you’re after.

A solution that people who write series often implement is to have one master project that contains all related books, world background, etc… You can do this by creating a folder for each book/short story inside your Manuscript folder. In the compile settings, you can specify one of those sub-folders as the compile target. Just be sure to change your front matter to match the book you’re working on.

Thanks for replying.

Are you saying that it is a good idea to have all the books in the same project?

There are no hard-and-fast rules. I guess it comes down to how much revision history of your story bible do you need to keep up with? There are also risks if you’re prone to using global search and replace, or if you are changing how you use various Scrivener features in ways that might not be compatible with your past organizational setup. For instance, you might decide you want to track characters using Keywords in one book, and then by book 3, you’re using them for something else entirely; do you delete the keywords that are cluttering things up now, removing that information from book one, or do you keep all the unique keywords and simply deal with having multiple categories of keywords for as long as you’re producing works in a given world?

There are also logistical pluses and minuses to any given organizational scheme. How do you track changes to your story bible so that you can tell what applies to book 1 vs book 4? A character’s age, hair color, gender, species, or status as a living (vs undead, vs “plain dead”) being can change over the course of a series of books… how do you keep notes on them over the course of 7 books and 14 short stories?

For me, a rank amateur when it somes to story bibles, I have no idea if I’d end up keeping one story bible project that I’m constantly revising, or keep one copy per book so I have a “snapshot” of the story world as I viewed it at that point in time. Maybe I’d use titled snapshots in a single story bible project, so that I could identify older versions of each place and person document, named for the book that they are “current” in relation to…

No matter what you decide, be sure you understand how Scrivener backups work, and I recommend having it keep more than the default 5 before purging older backups. Also, note that you can drag copies of scrivener documents from one project’s binder to another, if you want to selectively import relevant documents from one story to another.

I think I’ve made my mind about what I need to do. Thanks a lot =)

I have several books in a set that all share the same story world. I keep a master project that contains the common elements in a folder that is outside of the manuscript/draft folders. If you open two projects and re-size the windows on your desktop so they are side-by-side, you can drag and drop folders/text documents from one binder to the other. Scrivener copies the file/text document, not moves them. This is handy when working on a particular project and you have some ideas that you know you want to share with the master project. I have a folder for that so I can place a text document there, and then later add it to the master.