how to show keywords in text (metadata) and index

the only way i found to show the keywords is by enabling metadata in the section.
but it renders ALL metadata (not just the keywords) and between the title and the synopsis

is there any way to control the rendering of just the keywords (i have a 1000 entries vocabulary like book… where i tagged all entries… even better would be to have a kind on index…

maybe i should copy the tags in the text and use an indexing tool? does it exists for Scrivener?

If you’ve not yet, read Using Keywords at Sec. 10.4.2 of the manual. You can find the manual at Scrivener’s Help menu, the Template Chooser or online download from here: … ser-guides
There’s also a description in the Scrivener tutorial.

Specifically, the Project Keywords Panel feature might fulfill what you desire. It holds a list of the keywords you’ve used, you can organize and sort, add and delete, import and export…etc.

ahh great… i was just missing the Placeholder… that inserted in the Suttix section template:
“Tags: <$keywords>”
renders well

now i’m thinking how to create the “index”… the list of all used keywords with associated pages… but that’s not so urgent as having the tags in the section

thank you!!