How to show only sections on corkboard?

Is there a way to show only the Sections in Corkboard, without the Heading for the entire document?

What part of this are you calling a “Heading” (capitalized, no less!), what parts do you think are “Sections”, and what do you mean by “the entire document”?

thanks. If you look at your picture, you do not see the sections under “It’s a Do-N” or “Sitting On”, only the main section (or Header. I used the section titles in my question as you see below)
What I want is to be able to see everything in my book in the corkboard whether a heading (Sitting on") or the imbedded sections, (“Rear Admiral, sitting on my”)


thanks again, another user pointed me to Documents/Open/…with all subdocs… (Navigate/Open in latest version.

Not ideal as you need to use it each time and I’d prefer it to do that each time I select the whole document, but an improvement nonetheless