How to stop "File Groups" assigning top level section type when File Group is nested within other files

I have been using Scrivener for some years, for non-fiction writing, and still struggling with the Compiler.

The specific issue I want to resolve is how to ‘force’ File Groups to stop defaulting to the highest level Section Type.

Here’s what I mean:
I have chapters setup in folders. Each chapter consists of Main Point, supporting points, supplementary points, etc; then next main point, etc. Each point is a document, and so supporting points nest under main points, supplementary points nest under supporting points.

In the project settings this is setup as L1 text, L2 text, L3 text, L4 text … , with each of these having specific formats. eg L2 is indented under L1 and so when the compiler ‘reads’ a document as L2 it knows to indent it.

However, regardless of what level it sits in the ‘nest’, whenever a document has nested documents under it, Scrivener treats it as a File Group and assigns the topmost level format to it. This throws the formatting out. You can see in the following screenshot where Scrivener assigns ‘L1 text’ to documents that are deep under other documents (ie they should be L2 or L3 etc).

The following screenshot shows content of Point 4 of a chapter. ie Level 1 is not shown, ‘Authenticity: Introduction’ should be Level 2, ‘Authenticity thoughts’ level 3, etc, which you can see is not the case. The reason is because Scrivener treats a File Group (ie a file which has files nested under it) as Level 1, regardless of where it occurs.

Yes, it is possible to manually override the default, and assign the correct level. Next screenshot shows how the section types should read. Non-italic text is where I have modified the settings. However, once you have done this if you choose to move a section to a different level you have to then manually correct all the settings. For example, I may decide “Authenticity: Introduction” should be a chapter, and hence move to folder. but then all other section types will be wrong.

Any help greatly appreciated.

This should be simple to address. Just go to the “Project” menu, choose “Project Settings”, and then look at the “Section Types” area. Switch to “Default Types by Structure” and take a look at your settings. There you can determine which Section Type is assigned to which document type at which level. Presumably you have file groups all to use “L1 Text” rather than to use the actual type you want at each level. You must have already set this up for regular files, but most likely forgot to set this up for file groups too.

All the best,

Thank you KB. You have no idea what a relief this is. I was sure there was a simple solution (although I have emailed support repeatedly and been ignored, so assumed it was a difficult one).

Here’s the thing (and I’m slapping my forehead as I write): I did not realise you could also set section types for File Groups, in the same way you could for Files.

As you point out, a simple solution.
Thank you again

I’m very sorry that you haven’t received an answer from support yet. I was going to tell you to check your spam, but I checked the support queue and it does seem that you’ve been left hanging for a week. I’m sincerely sorry for that. Unfortunately our support queue has been inundated over the past week because of the crash in 3.1 - even though I fixed it within an hour, nine days later, Apple still hasn’t passed 3.1.1 through review on the App Store. As a result, we’re a little behind. I’ll speak to the others about it, though, because users shouldn’t be left like this.

All the best,