How to Stop Imported Webpages from Auto Opening Links in Browser

Every time I view a specific webpage I’ve imported it automatically opens a link in Safari. Is there a way to stop imported webpages from automatically opening links when you view them? Thanks!

My guess would be the page itself is improperly coded and is opening another page automatically when you view it. There wouldn’t be anything specific to Scrivener that does that, it is merely using the system Web Kit to display the archived page—everything about how it works is up to that, and the stuff the page itself tries to do.

As for customising how WebKit functions itself, I have never come across specific information on how to do that. Likely if anything you need a specific Extension installed into the Mac in the related System Preferences panel, so you’d have to get lucky and hope someone made something that stops this one thing from happening.

Alternatively you can right-click on the WebArchive in the binder and convert it to text. At that point it will be like any other text item that you can freely edit, and it won’t be running any client-side scripting, cookies, tracking, pop-ups etc.