How to stop printing full paths in compiled projects

When I compile a project, it prints the full paths for many document titles. I screwed up (I guess) in copying documents from one project to another. OK, so the full path names > weird. But I don’t want to print all the weirdness.

Example – my section headings should be the first line in each example below. I did once have a document titled “in this article - REWRITE.” Now I’m getting the latter added to many headings.

When I compile, one section heading will read:
in this article - REWRITE
in this article - REWRITE

Another will read

in this article - REWRITE

and another

in this article - REWRITE

Just for future reference, you can copy items between projects with simple drag and drop between open Binders.

So one suggestion comes to mind: try viewing some of these items using the Outliner view instead of Corkboard or just the Binder. The Outliner will show you if an item’s title has multiple lines—I’m just wondering if somehow this title got pasted into a bunch of documents by accident, and it’s off on the second+ line of the title, meaning it is invisible in the Binder and Corkboard, since those both show only the first line.

Also, what is with the negative numbers? Is that printing in the heading font as well?

Aha – looking at the project in outline view showed the pesky text and I could delete it.

Negative numbers: no clue what was going on. Same font as the rest of the heading.

Anyway, problem solved! Thanks, AmberV.

All right, glad it’s all better now. :slight_smile: