How to sync without Dropbox or iTunes

I am very interested in the iOS version of Scrivener BUT I don’t want to use dropbox and iTunes to sync files. Are there alternatives? No? Really?!? No direct sync with the Mac App? Or with iCloud or any 3rd party iOS file manager app (e.g. open file in scrivener)?
I know many other apps that do this quiet well (e.g. Ulysses). If there is no other option than the above I will never ever get the iOS version.
I love your product on the Mac.

This thread over here might help.

A file manager on the device might work if it is capable of sending folders (package formats like we use) to other apps. As I noted in that thread though, I just use AirDrop. No special software needed, and it’s pretty painless to use.

I meant sync, not copy. With Airdrop you can copy files but I really would like to see a sync option that is not based on Dropbox. Also, using Airdrop still means some manual fumbling (find the correct file, start the copy process, keep the right status of what you changed where in mind, …).

Syncing is also copy. The files in the Dropbox folder on the desktop are copied to or from the Dropbox server, and the iOS device copies or downloads the changed files to/from the Dropbox server.

Are there good reasons why you don’t want to use any of the three sync methods that have been developed already?

Here they are:

  • Dropbox: I leaved dropbox for privacy reasons and will never come back. Actually I switched to owncloud and my Synology NAS.
  • iTunes/Airdrop: too much fumbling by doing everything manually.

What I want is to just get the latest version of a project automatically on the device I am working without thinking about what I have to copy from where to where.

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In that case I guess the simple answer is ‘no, there is nothing like that’.

OK, so Scrivener for iOS is useless for me. Sad but true.

Any true synchronization option will require support from Scrivener itself. The reasons why only Dropbox is supported at this time have been discussed extensively elsewhere.

Any option that does not require Scrivener support will work like iTunes. Manual file management is manual file management, pretty much, regardless of the name applied to the tool.

If this means iOS Scrivener will not meet your needs, well, I’m sorry to hear that but it is, of course, up to you to decide what features are important to you.


Hi, this topic seems evergreen.

I’m a fan of scrivener, but the issues with sync make it very difficult to adopt when Dropbox is not allowed by my organization. I do not have sysadmin rights on my computer either, making iCloud an easy yes, but others easy “no’s”.

The topic may be evergreen, but the technical problem is the same as it has ever been. Dropbox is the only service that provides the tools that make it possible for Scrivener projects to be sychronised without being corrupted. When other services provide the necessary tools, no doubt consideration will be given to using them. Scrivener projects are complex packages with possibly hundreds or thousands of files hidden inside them. Synchronising them is not straightforward.

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Completely understand. I’ll admit to being triggered by “what features are important to you”, where that assumes that importance = availability/ability to adopt.

Just hoping the technical solution fell into place. Continually looking forward to be able to adopt the iPad lifestyle.

I bought an iPad expecting great things and absolutely hated it. So much that I almost immediately went out and bought a MacBook to replace it. The iPad still ranks as one of the worst purchases I’ve made (for what I wanted to do). With the new M1 MacBooks now on the market, the iPad looks even less useful to me than it did three years ago.