How to tend toward 100% keyboard with Srivener ?

Hi everyone ! :slight_smile:

I’m enjoying toying around with all those features (labels, status, keywords etc.) but I’m missing the 100% keyboard workflow from vim/nvim.

So, the question is : how do I do to navigate Scrivener and edit docs and synopsis using as much keyboard as possible ?

Right now I’m struggling with the outliner :

  • I get [Enter] Creates a new doc in the outliner view
  • I get [Alt] + Arrow = fol/unfold the selected folder and its subfolders (cool one)
  • I get [Ctrl] + Arrow = move/indent/dedent a document in the outliner (GREAT one !)

–> I miss an [Edit Synopsis] and an [Edit name] shortcut as my TAB tap will take me to edit the next document’s title (only if I’m currently editing a title, otherwise it takes me to the menus) and the only thing I found is “Show Synopsis in Inspector” shortcut but then I need to grab the mouse to go back to the outliner and create a new doc.

Any ideas ?

Hi Ethien,

I’m on the Windows beta, so be forewarned that Mac and Windows 1.9 may be slightly different.

I’ll assume you’ve already found the Keyboard shortcuts settings. File > Options > Keyboard

And that you know the menus reveal shortcuts where available. E.g., Navigate > Inspect reveals that to edit Document Notes do Meta+Alt+Shift+1.

Inspect Synopsis is Meta+Alt+Shift+S. Then, to to back to the Outliner, Ctrl+Tab until you’re there. You may need to arrow up or down to select a document.

Does that give you what you’re looking for?


Hi Ethien,

Rethinking this, I think I missed the point of your question. You want to edit Doc Names and Synopsis from within the Outliner - is that correct?

To do that, modify the Outliner columns to include Doc Name on the first line and the Doc Synopsis on the following lines. View > Outliner Options > Select “Title” / Select “And Synopsis”.

With this view, you can do all your Name & Synopsis writing in one area, and won’t need to jumb around. If you commonly have multiple lines in your Synopsis, then disable “Return ends editing Synopsis”. File > Options > Return Key > deselect “Return ends editing Synopsis”

Let me know if that helps.


Hi Jim,

Thanks for responding :wink:

Yep that’s correct : in fact I’d just like to be able to use the Outliner this way :

  1. Tap Enter to create new doc (that’s already the case)
  2. Type name
  3. TAB
  4. Type Synopsis
  5. TAB
  6. Select labels
  7. Tap Enter to create new doc

If you see what I mean :slight_smile:

What version of Windows Scrivener are you using?

Did my suggestion get you closer to what you want?

The nearest you can get to doing what you want to do with the minimum of mouse (ugh) clicks is not to use the Online view, but the Corkboard (Ctl-2).

There you can do Ctl-n > title > TAB > synopsis > (two finger tap choose label) > Ctl-n title TAB synopsis etc…

You can alter the size of the cards to suit you. I don’t know of a way to ditch the mouse completely, unfortunately, as Labels are not on any normal menu, but if it really irritates you can work around it like this:

1, at the end of every synopsis type a code for the label (e.g. LAB:Green).

  1. At you leisure later on do a project search on synopses for LAB:Green, select all the documents returned and apply the Green label to them all at once from the binder (select them all, right click > Label). That’s a couple of mouse clicks rather than the constant drip drip…)

  2. Do a project search and replace to remove LAB:Green (in the Beta at least you can use regex to do this for all LAB:codes at once

This may or may not be worth your while, but it would save you the mouse (ugh) click…

JimRac’s suggestion gets you most of the way there in the outliner. The difference is, you don’t use TAB to switch between the title and synopsis, you use ENTER. Type your title, hit Enter to drop to the next line, and type your synopsis. You still have the problem of setting labels/status – I can’t see a way to do that via the keyboard, unfortunately.

thanks everyone it helped a lot !

Regex ?! Oh man that’s great !! I can’t wait ! ^^

e.g. I’m using the lastest stable version on windows

I’m adding a last post just to thank you again and to detail how I do it now :slight_smile: :

  1. Using the CorkBoard
  2. Enter = New card > Type Name
  3. TAB > Type synposis
  4. Enter > Option key (on windows open a right click menu) > L > Assign label with arrows and Enter
  5. F2 to modify the card if I see an error
  6. Enter = New card

Thanks A LOT !