How to toggle a bullet list

My objective: Adding bullet lists in composition mode. I know, it sounds like a no-brainer. Until I found out that my shortcut for toggling a bullet list (Ctrl+Shift+B) does not work in composition mode.

As a workaround, I created a style — the style panel is available in composition mode, after all. And you can assign shortcuts to styles … — but alas, this did not work, either. Turns out you cannot create a style for a bullet list. A bug?

Next I tried Copy Formatting/ Paste Formatting. The idea was to copy a correctly formatted paragraph that already has the bullets in place, then keep the formatting “loaded” and use a “paste-formatting”-shortcut to paste my bullet-format everywhere I need it.

Sad to say, this did not work, either.

At this point I gave up on composition mode altogether and figured I might just emulate my own distraction-free mode in the main window, hiding all side panels and headers and toolbars, and setting the editor to fixed width.

And would you believe it? This does not work, either. Once you hide the formatting toolbar, the shortcut no longer triggers. Which defeats the purpose of a formatting shortcut, when you think about it. The very reason you use it, so you can do without icons and toolbars.

Hands thrown up in despair, I finally came here to ask for help.
Any ideas? Anyone?

Seems like I am out of luck and there is no way to use bullets in composition mode?

All I could find on the forum, are various problems pertaining to custom-formatted bullet lists. But this is not my concern. I am fine with the built-in bullet feature. If only I could use it.

Assuming that I’ve come across a bug — or several bugs, rather — I went ahead and tagged this post accordingly.