How to turn off spell check in Windows?

  1. How do I turn off spell check in Scrivener?


Refer to Chapter 15, Writing and Editing, in the user manual PDF, under §15.2.5, Spell Checking. The first paragraph there will describe how to disable live spell checking and use a more traditional dialogue box approach once you are done with a piece.

(And yes, I know about the typo. :laughing: )

I use Version: (2025341) 64-bit - 19 May 2023.

I looked all over and can’t find in Scrivener what they talk about in the manual.

Please, if you can, forget about the manual (its confusing), and provide me with step by step on how to disable spell checking inside scrivener.

Many thanks.

Go to File > Options in the menu.

That will launch the Options menu.

Click on Corrections at the top.

Click on Spelling on the left side.

Uncheck Check spelling as you type.

Press OK.