How to turn off the comments & footnotes sidebar?

Hello! I am just starting with Scrivener. I went through the tutorial, which had me look at the comments and footnotes sidebar. I cannot figure out how to exit the sidebar. I have done all the obvious clicking I can think of (including left and right clicking on the little “n” button on the bottom of the toolbar), and I have exited and restarted the program, but I can’t exit it. Am I not clicking on the correct button? There must be an easy way to do this!

I have searched the tutorial and the user manual, and I can’t find any mention of how to do this. Thank you for your help!

Hi, hoovooloo, and welcome to the forum!

The sidebar you’re referring to is part of the Inspector. The Inspector allows you to see several data associated with the document currently on the editor. You select which view to be presented by clicking on the icons on the lower bar of the inspector. There you have: Notes, References, Keywords, Meta data, Snapshots and Comments&Footnotes. To return to the default view (Synopsis and the like) just click on the Notes icon.

To dismiss the inspector entirely, just click on the blue circled “i” near the top right corner of the Scrivener window. Click on it again to restore it later if you want.

Hope this helps!

THANK YOU, I spent so long trying to figure this out! Knowing how to enter and exit the inspector, and to change what is shown there, is so helpful.