How to type exponents that look right?

I’m loving Scrivener, but I’m pulling my hair out because I need to write “2^3=8” but when I try to actually have the 3 be superscript, it stays huge. Am I overlooking something? I know people often need to add superscript for things like footnotes, so I’m sure it’s possible. I’m just used to having this done for me automatically by other word processors.

I spent a few minutes trying to find an answer, but the best I saw was a post from 2016 basically saying “just leave it looking big, export it as RTF, then import into MS Word and it’ll look fine.” But the whole point is that I don’t want to use Word! In the years since that post was written, has this functionality been fixed to let me just keep everything in Scrivener and not depend on MS Word?

  1. Edit

  2. Emoji & Symbols

  3. Type “superscript” in the search field

  4. Select the superscript number you need