How to "Unlearn" an accidentally "Learned" word

How do I correct the permanent ignore list to delete an accidentally “learned” word?

Select the word in a text file, Ctrl-click and choose “Unlearn Spelling”. Scrivener just uses the OS X spelling engine, so this works in other Cocoa programs too.

The word is “Autum” which should be “Autumn” but no “unlearn” option comes up when I highlight and ctrl+click

Did you click Ignore rather than Learn Spelling? That wouldn’t show the “Unlearn” option, but it will reset after you close and reopen the project.

I don’t know I just noticed today that it wasn’t being caught by spell check, so figured I must have accidentally “Learned” the improper spelling. Closing and reopening the project doesn’t seem to help. nor does closing and reopening Scrivener.

Are other misspelled words getting flagged? There’s a bug with the spell checker that can sometimes cause the Check Spelling While Typing feature not to work correctly. Which version of OS X and Scrivener are you running? Are you in page view mode (vs. wrap-to-editor mode)?

The custom dictionary list is stored in ~/Library/Spelling/LocalDictionary. You could open that and just delete the word directly if it’s there, then save changes and close the file. enter killall AppleSpell in Terminal and press Return to restart the spell check, then reload the document in Scrivener and it should show the underline if the problem is just that the word was still on the Learned list.