How to Use a Canadian Dictionary?

How do I get the spell checker to use a Canadian dictionary, both online and offline?

And in case it comes up, the British dictionary isn’t the same. Neither is the American dictionary. Canadian English is a hybrid all our own. :smiley:

Tools | Options | Corrections | Select | English (Canada)

Should do the trick.

I think it does a pretty good job - I forget which word, but there’s one or two which are different between Canadian English dictionaries - I have both scriv and my mail client using Can English and there’s a couple words which one program will flag as being wrong which the other doesn’t and vice versa.

For cases like that, I keep this link handy: … erican.htm

Thanks for the reply, SarsenLintel.

I thought the same thing (and I had it selected already), but I’ve been running into things like “practice” vs. “practise” (the spell checker here prefers that word with a ‘c’ while Scrivener prefers an ‘s’) and “okay” vs. “OK” (MS Word’s Canadian dictionary allows “okay,” but Scrivener doesn’t).

Do you know if there’s a way to edit the dictionary?

Practise/practice is a tricky one for the dictionary as it depends on context.

I’m surprised to hear about Okay though - I use Okay all the time with no issues. I must’ve told it to learn spelling. You can just right-click on any words like that and have it learn the spelling. I’m not sure how to edit the actual dictionary files though.

Yup, that’s true about practice/practise. Strange that it flags one but not the other.

Thanks again for the reply.