How to use endnotes?

I’m on a PC and starting an e-book so that all notes for each chapter are annotated 1 to N, and the next chapter begins again 1 to N etc. I have in the text at the point when the Arabic number appears something like this–the quotes either end are not in the original:

“… problems of global climate change<$–ENDNOTES–>.”

From the given [supplied by Scriv.] format I also have a page visible in the binder entitled Endnotes. (I assume that this is nothing to do with the App called ‘Endnotes’ by the way!)
Inside this is written simply in red, with an outline box round it: “All footnotes will be inserted here upon print, and this bubble will be removed automatically”–again the quote marks at either end aren’t in the original.
OK that’s what I’ve got. My problem: where exactly do I put my footnote for each annotation?–it would great if you could give a screenshot.
In my particular case, let’s say that I intend the final text to read something like this in the body of the text:
“…problems of global climate change1.” [That digit one is supposed to be a subscript]

and at the end of the book it would read.
“1 This is particularly true in the context…blah, blah…”

I’ve combed through the Scrivener manual and it doesn’t seem to address the question of where and how one writes the actual footnote. Is it within that page of red writing, if so how?