How to Use Name Generator for names other than English?

I wonder how it is possible to indicate character names in a language other than English in the Name Generator.
In the novel I write, I created the names of my main characters as well as I usually do, using a dictionary of French communes, selecting the very small (less than 200 inhabitants). I also have some other tracks, but I wonder where I can register names like Name Generator : >>> Generate Names>>> Gender, etc. It will be more convenient for the secondary characters.
Thank you to tell me who.

There is no way to show which list a name came from, the results are just printed in a simple plain-text window for easy copy and paste. But you can add your own name lists to the name generator and select them (maybe removing the checkboxes for the English name lists as well so you don’t have to worry about indication), using the instructions in §21.5, The Name Generator, with custom lists described on the following page, 322.

Thank you, AmberV
I guess the names, etc. are contained in a database.
How can I do to access this database and insert my own names, etc. ?
Please tell me.

It is more like XML files than a database, but yes you can add names from the lists you’ve gathered, as a CSV file (name1,name2,name3…). The process is described in detail on page 322 of the user manual PDF.

Thank you very much
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