How to use Scrivener for German books?


does Scrivener has also German spell checker etc. (the same features as for the English language)?

Hi snoopy,

I’ve used Scrivener for both English and German projects, and so far, I haven’t noticed any significant differences.
The application is entirely in German (if you choose to install it that way), and the translations are excellent as far as I can tell.

To use the german-spellchecker, you have to download the german dictionary from options. (Werkzeuge -> Optionen -> Korrekturen). It even differentiates between “Deutsch Deutschland” and “Deutsch Schweiz” (which is good for me bc I’m Swiss :wink: )

However, there are two things to consider if you want to work entirely in German:

  1. The templates for the character- and location-files (when creating a novel project) that the program automatically generates, are in English only. It’s only a few words, though like name, occupation, physical description, etc. for a character template.
  2. The labels and statuses you can put on your files (“First Draft”, “Revised Draft” or “Scene”, “Chapter” etc.) are also in English by default.

BUT both these things can be changed very quickly, in less than 10 minutes, because you can edit both the template files in your project (or create new ones) and you can also alter the labels/statuses very easily (and also add new ones or delete existing ones.

So overall, I would say if you install Scrivener in German and make those small changes to your project (download the dictionary, edit the templates, labels and statuses), then there’s nothing that would keep you from writing a German novel. (Or any other language).

Best regards,

Thanks for your answer. I probably did not express myself correctly. I have no problem with an English menu system within Scrivener.

There are two software out there (Papyrus Author and Patchwork), which offer in their German version a specific spell checker from the official “Duden”. I would be interested in that one and whether Scriveners offers the official “Duden” too. The Duden-addon is developed by “EPC” and costs extra.

Ideally I would like to use the same software for English books and German books. Even if I have to pay 2 licences for it because of the different spell checkers. But the German one has to be with the “Duden”, because this one is a lot more detailed and reliable.