How to use two different Dropbox accounts


I’ve tried searching the forums for an answer to my situation, but did not find what I was looking for.

I work as a proofreader for someone who writes in Scrivener. Therefore I am logged into his Dropbox on my computer in order to make comments in Scrivener.

I would like to start using Scrivener for a writing project of my own, and I want my back up to be in my own Dropbox account, not his.

Can I simply log in and out of Dropbox depending on which project I am working on? Is there a better way to go about this?

A better way is for you to have your own account and for your client to invite you and give you access to his Scrivener folder.

Yes. This is how Dropbox support would tell you to do it.

The Dropbox application will only synchronize with one account per device.

Please do not depend on Dropbox as your only backup for critical work. It’s entirely too easy for mistakes on one system to wipe out the Dropbox copy and all connected devices.



You probably already know this, but … it is still worth emphasizing that you and the author must not open that Dropbox-shared project at the same time. This prohibition is not just about working on the same project at the same time; just even having the same project open at the same time can mess things up (even if one of the machines is, say, asleep).

It sounds like you may have discovered something of the beauty of Scrivener through accepting to proofread for this author in Scrivener. I think that’s great.