How to view where I am in a document

I’ve just moved back to Scrivener from Google Docs, and my favourite thing about Google Docs was the way I could create a subheading and it would automatically list chapters that could be seen in a headings pane. When looking at the headings pane, I could see what subheading I was reading/editing in.

Is there any way to find out what document within a folder I’m currently reading?

The Binder does that if you make the subheading a document, as recommended. The Binder can be your outline.

The Editor’s title bar shows the document name, or you can click Document▸Reveal in Binder.

Or you can go to Corkboard or Outline view and see the folder contents there.

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If you are curious to read a more extended description of how Scrivener is meant to be used, and the important ways in which it differs from how word processors are meant to be used, here is a discussion on that.