HTML compile: Scrivener loses saved formatting after quit

I posted on the Technical Support (Mac) forum side about this but there’s been no answer. I’ll report the behaviour as a bug because to me it certainly seems so. Here’s step by step instructions on how to produce what I’m seeing:

  1. Apply formatting on a line of text (including paragraph break) by choosing Formatting > Apply Preset > Heading
  2. Compile the document for Web Page (.html)
  3. View the HTML file in an editor like Textwrangler: the formatting is there,

    tags in this case as expected.

  4. Go back to Scrivener
  5. Save the project
  6. Quit Scrivener
  7. Open Scrivener and the saved project again
  8. See that visibly in the editor the formatting has been preserved
  9. Compile the document for Web Page (.html)
  10. View the HTML file in an editor like Textwrangler: the formatting is not there, the intended header is inside

    tags only.

I can repeat this again and again and with different formatting, sub-heading for example. Between the two compiles no changes have been made to any settings.

Scrivener or OS X won’t report any error and Scrivener doesn’t crash. In the Console the only message concerning Scrivener is “Invalid Color System, labelColor”.

I have Scrivener version 2.6 (25480) and Mac OS X 10.9.5.


This is a known bug that will be fixed in a future update. The editor doesn’t currently support HTML headings for save and load, but the “Heading” preset accidentally has such a setting, which then gets lost upon save and load. In the next major version of Scrivener we will fully support HTML header formatting in the text.

All the best,

OK, thank you. I accidentally discovered that the headings translate to HTML



, didn’t really expect it to happen. But it was just what I needed. It feels quite strange that the formatting shows in the editor but not in HTML after save and quit.