HTML Import / Evernote


hello to everyone. I love Scrivener and use it everyday, so thanks for producing this software.

I use Evernote when making notes on my android device and I’d love to import those notes into my draft. Evernote produces HTML files. Unfortunatly, there is no way of simply converting those HTML into text while importing into Scrivener. This works when I import a website, though.

Any tips?
For some maddening reason I can’t find a proper batch convert tool for converting HTML files to TXT or RTF for Windows either, so I’m stuck with this problem. It seems such a simple thing to do, but neither Evernote export nor Scrivener import let’s me do it.


I might add, because Scrivener cannot convert those HTML files I cannot use them in my draft. Of course, I could use copy/paste to achieve that, but that would be quite a hassle. I make multiple notes every day.

Apologies, I thought I answered this back when you first posted, but it might be I left the comment in a draft state. Scrivener can in fact bulk convert HTML files to standard text editing files, which means you can use them in the Draft as well. What you need to do is set your settings to convert HTML to text in the Tools/Options... panel; Import/Export tab. When this option is enabled, dragging HTML files straight to the Draft becomes allowed.

Thank you very much. I was not aware of that option.
That’s great news.