Huge PDF file sizes w/ EB Garamond when compiling

Hi, I’m trying to compile a manuscript to PDF in scrivener. It’s about 100,000 words, but the resulting file is always 500+ MB. Obviously this is way too large; the file should only be a few MB. Epub and mobi files don’t have this problem.

There’s very little info out there about anyone having this issue, but from what I’ve been able to figure out, it’s related to the EB Garamond font getting attached once for each chapter, instead of just once total. EB Garamond is not native to windows, so scrivener must attach it manually (I guess). I have an author friend who uses scrivener with EB Garamond and has no problems compiling PDFs. We are both fairly savvy technically. If I try to compile in a font native to windows (such as Arial), the problem goes away. Unfortunately, EB Garamond is required for kindle readers.

Here are the specs:

  1. 32 chapters, 99,700 words.
  2. NO pictures. It’s all text only.
  3. Font is EB Garamond 8.
  4. I use Scrivener on Windows 7. My friend uses Scrivener on Windows 10.

We’ve tried every compile setting we can think of, but nothing works. My friend exported her compile settings to me, but they didn’t work. I’ve also tried re-installing the EB Garamond font in Windows several times, including using the exact EB Garamond install file my friend used on her machine, but no dice.

Any help is appreciated.