“A place for readers, writers, coffee drinkers and tautologies…”?? Hey, what gives?? What about us tea drinkers? We’ve already established there are a goodly number of us prowling around these forums, making our share of complaints, doing our share of whining and offering advice and the like. Why don’t we get fair representation just like those hyped-up, caffeine-addicted coffee types? Not fair!!!


YEAHHHH!!! :laughing: Chuckle Bunny`s back!!! Whoopeeee!!

Where have you been!!! And whats all this about tea drinkers, anyway? You can drink whatever you like down on the lower decks. Whiskey; tea coffee; meths; Brasso; Windowlene, anything you like!!:lol: :lol......but you already know that.....dont y.......youre winding us up… go on admit it.

Or are the Portlanders making a move on the rest of us? :open_mouth:

And anyway, youre no tea drinker! I have it on very good authority, that you are a thoroughbred Bourbon Babe :wink: Hot-blooded women like you belong down here with us Hedonists; Libertines; Debauched and Totally off Topicers.

Now that you have come back to your rightful home, dont get all,Brains-on-Leggy` and toddle off to the upper decks

Now!! where have you been, and what have you been doing? :confused:


And don’t forget the hot chocolate drinkers!


If you get caught drinking hot chocolate on board Scrivener, youll be made to walk the plank! Youll just have to cultivate a taste for a proper drink; try Guinness. How old are y` anyway 12 :open_mouth: tch!tch!

Sigh… Just for you dissenters, I have updated the main page to be more… inclusive. :slight_smile:

Wots one o` vem Cap,n sir, these ere dis-fingi-ers an the like. Are they like wot we is Skipper? :open_mouth:


Haha! :laughing: I love my Scrivener developer. Now I feel so much better, so…included and part of the world again. Tee hee.

As for where I’ve been, I’ve been lurking and watching and waiting. Mostly for time to do more than lurk, since I’ve been so darn busy! Much traveling and the like. We are in the midst of trying to move to Ashland, Oregon (yes, we are leaving our beloved Portland and going to a place with NO tea houses, :cry:).

And I am TOO a tea-drinker. Bourbon, yuccch! Gives me migraines. Besides, I can’t stand the taste of alcohol. I know that is blasphemy for many folks, but I used to force myself to drink beer just to make myself like it and it never worked. The only thing I could stand was Tequila straight up and it’s been years since I touched the stuff. Not my cup of tea. 8)


Btw, Keith, the web site looks terrific. Very professional and extremely cool! Especially now that drinkers of all liquids are fairly represented! :wink:


The directory of Oregon tea houses says that you will find two of them in Ashland. Plus you have great live theatre, a nice small campus, and one of the prettier towns in SW Oregon.

Hope the move goes well.


Hi Druid,

Yes, I know well how lovely Ashland is and all about the theater scene et al. It is of course a large part of why we are moving there. The tea houses listed are not comparable to the Tao of Tea, all locations, here in Portland. And other tea houses around town. I am hopeful a ‘real’ tea house will open in Ashland someday soon. In fact, I plan to talk to the Tao of Tea folks to see if there is interest.



Alex, my Amigo Bonito,

Fret not! Blasphemous utterances of one sort or another, are de rigueur on Scriv`s bottom decks, amongst the lower orders.

You’ve certainly chosen a hectic time of the year to move house, so we`ll just have to wish you, a: Stress free, transfer. Uneventful but pleasant and gleeful with anticipation. Of course it goes without saying, Alex, humungus amounts of happy times to be had, upon settling in.

May all you and your husband`s hopes and expectations be realised in full.

I doubt if Tao of Tea folks will build you your own teashop, though. Not everybodys like Captn Keef.

Take care ,

Ha! :laughing: I guess that would be a lot to ask. One can hope, however!

And thanks for the good wishes! I’ll let you know how the move goes. Right now we are at the sort and ‘give it to Goodwill’ stage! (Goodwill being the catch-all name for our local donation spots!)


Tea is just too civilised. coffee is more suited to the frenzy that I exist in. (or coke, or red bull…)

Riding the white line used to be all kinds of civilised! Isn’t it still?

In the ubiquitous Community Recreational Facilities(pubs), in my village, that white line gets well and truly ridden, most evenings and weekends, judging by the number of zombies to be seen wandering aimlessly hither and thither.

Y`should never mix coke and beer, never 8)

I can’t quite get my head around the idea of a sleepy village, where the “good old boy” inhabitants are carousing around on a cocktail of old toe jam and crack.