(500 000 000 light years away.)

These little bright dots in the background are…
…galaxies. (Not stars no, no no : galaxies.)

How big – or small – are we ?


Oh, and yeah, of course, we’re the only ones.


And we know everything.

If I recall correctly, Diogenes Laertius, in his Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers quoted Aristotle as saying that “philosophy was born by men looking at the night sky and wondering ‘what is the meaning of all of this?’”

Of course in 4th century BC you could actually see the night sky, as there was no light pollution from big cities.

That good old time when you had to be careful not to fall off the earth.

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he thinks he does LOL

. . . . . . . .
(The real underlying question being more about determining if you could possibly have so fantastically well chosen your forum nick… )
(Unless of course you are simply one of those flat-earthers, and this is rather what you’d consider a strong argument?)

Huh. I used “we” to indicate all of us insignificant humans existing in one of the multiverses of God’s creation.

OTOH, there is the explanation proposed in the birthday card Hubby gave me this year:


There you go. Question answered, no further need for philosophy.

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Scientists close in on world’s funniest joke

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