Husband & wife : Windows & MacOs, different versions

We are a husband-and-wife team just starting with Scrivener. I’m on Windows (most recent version, and she’s on Mac (most recent version3.0.3). Can we work on the same project, syncing on DropBox?


Two things.

  1. Version 3 (on Mac and in Beta on 3) has a different file format from Windows 1.9.8, so the two are not compatible. You have two options:
  • You install the Windows 3 Beta and use that for collaborative projects; I am doing so with my collaborator as although there is much to be sorted out in the Beta, seems stable enough for her to be able to use it for current needs;
  • She installs 2.9 for Mac, which can run alongside 3 and shares the same licence, and uses that for your joint projects until you are ready to install Windows v. 3

There is a third option, that I would find unacceptable, which is that Mac v. 3 can export a Windows 1.9.7/8 version of the project for you to work on, but that would have to happen every time she worked on the project. In another thread, AmberV put forward an explanation of how that could be made to work without your ending up on different versions of the project. Someone else might be able to point to it; if I have time later I’ll try to remember to look for it.

  1. Most important! You cannot have a Scrivener project open on two (non-iOS) devices at the same time, so you will have to create a schedule of who works on your joint projects when. I don’t really have this problem as my collaborator is 8 hours away in China, so our available times hardly overlap.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Hope the Windows 3.0 version is right around the corner.