Hybrid use of Scrivener Formatting and Markdown Syntax Project example...

From page 508 of the Scrivener User Manual… If you’re curious to see an example of this way of working, the Scrivener user manual’s project, available on our support page, demonstrates a union of MultiMarkdown and Scrivener styling, used to achieve more than either system yields on its own.

This link is referenced… literatureandlatte.com/learn-and-support

Then on page 517… The user manual you are reading makes heavy use of this technique, and thus serves as a practical demonstration. Download a copy of the project (and its compile settings) from our web site.

This link is referenced… literatureandlatte.com/learn … ser-guides

From that link there does not appear to be a project available for download. See partial screenshot attached


Has the project been removed or am I missing something?

Thank you so much.

  • Curtis

I think AmberV is still working on getting it ready for public consumption…

Do you have specific questions about this workflow?

Thank you so much for your response. I would’ve thanked you earlier but my notification settings were turned off, and so I didn’t see your reply until I came back to check on my question proactively.

I don’t have any specific questions right now that would be capable of a simple answer since I am primarily educating myself on using Scrivener more effectively. Waiting for the new release is probably my best course.

I am so excited about learning more about how to fully leverage the compile features at some point. Right now I have more than enough work to do learning the other components of the program to keep me busy.

Thank you so much.

– Curtis